Current Projects


Welcome Signs


Spearheaded by a wide variety of community leaders and citizens, the City of Beatrice has undertaken efforts to update the City's welcome signs.  Schuster Design Studio, Inc. has been hired to complete the first design for the welcome signs.


Curb and Gutter Replacement


The City of Beatrice has entered into an agreement with Trauernicht Construction, Inc. for the curb and gutter removal and replacement along: 5th Street - East Curb from Ella to High Street, 9th Street - East Curb from Vacated Nicholls to Tait Street, and 9th Street - West Curb from Vacated Nicholls to Green Street.  The anticipated start date has been established as July 28, 2014, begining at 5th Street and proceeding to 9th Street.  Each section is expected to take approximately two (2) weeks to complete.  More information regarding the construction process can be found here.




Continuing with improvements in the downtown, the City has hired R.L. Tiemann Construction, Inc. to pave the alleys between Court and Ella, 3rd to 5th Streets.  The project started in August and should last approximately six (6) weeks.


Downtown Alley Electrical Lines


The Electric Department is currently upgrading the electric distribution system located in the alleys between Court Street and Market Street, from 5th Street to 7th Street, from 4.16 Kv feeders to 12.5 Kv feeders.  While upgrading the distribution system, the Electric Department is also changing from the two (2) pole structures to a single pole.


Water Main Replacement Project


The water main replacement project on West Court Street is complete.  The water main replacement project around Jane Way is scheduled to begin the week of August 18th.


 Library Renovation


Thanks to the generous donation by the Beatrice Library Foundation, the Beatrice Public Library is being renovated.  The renovation plans largly consist of developing the basement level of the Library which will feature the Heritage Room.  The project is underway.  The anticipated completion date is December 1, 2014.


Automatic Metering Infrastructure (AMI)


The Beatrice Board of Public Works received five (5) responses to our Request for Qualifications.  The base bid for the AMI system ranged from $1,738,596.80 to $4,238,570.85.  The City has narrowed the vendors down to two (2).  City staff will be conducting site visits of communities with AMI systems from the two (2) remaining vendors.



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